Friday, May 11, 2012

Trace of Prints

 Dress//  Left: Danielle Cactus flower  Right: Brooklynn Dress Charlotte Russe
 shoes// left: charlotte russe right: aldo
 Watch// Bulova
Accessories// Charlotte Russe
We have been so longing to finally do our first post for our brand new blog, the timing, however, never seemed to be quite right. But what could be more perfect than now, new season (spring that is) new start, new clothes so we could not be more pleased to present Rarely Dressed. Initially we occasionally  posted on a blog called MeandHerImpact but it was going in a direction neither of us liked so we decided to come up with something new to start fresh... hence Rarely Dressed. We love everything about it... from the name, since we are both insanely obsessed with dresses and putting a unique twist to everything we wear, to the direction we plan to take our new baby. This is merely a photo diary of our own personal style as we journey through life and continuously define ourselves through style. Tune in and join our journey and share a little of yours, we'd love to hear :)

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  1. You girls have an awesome style!