Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Last summer I was on the hunt for the perfect short suit. And when I ran upon this suit this year I was  was too excited. I love the cut/fit and the metallic color. The fabric is perfect for this season and metallics are always in during the winter as well!!! So needless to say im glad i can get a lot of wear out of this. 

What Brook Wore: short suit// charlotte russe
              shoes// bakers
          top// pitaya

 What Danielle Wore: shirt// charlotte russe
    shorts// pitaya
accessories// forever21and pitaya  

Its been quite a busy week for both of us. We have been both been working like crazy, going to class and traveling out of town. Today we had a little free time before brook had to head to work so we decided to run some errands to get stuff for our new apartment we are moving into soon. 

Hope you guys had a wonderful tuesday 


  1. really beautiful i love the hair of the first girl

  2. love love love this blog and i WILL no doubt be giving ya'll some love on mine!
    didn't know which post to comment but this definetly won't be my last time here

    MsB x