Sunday, December 16, 2012


What Danielle Wore//
sweater// thrifted

What Brooklynn Wore//
sweater and pants//thrifted

Thrift shopping is something we both do on a rare occasion. Brook has the patients for it where as I (danielle) give's up a little easy. Its hard to find an amazing treasure hidden in all of the unorganized racks of clothes in my opinion, BUT when you run across something great it's the best feeling ever because its usually a great deal and a unique piece. We both want to get into exploring more vintage and thrift shops to search for unique finds. We are hoping to make a trip to Chicago to do so soon. So you guys will be seeing more of these thrifted looks more often!

have a good day loves!


  1. Hi!! thanks for your ccomment :)
    I love the pants!
    I've new post, I hope you like it ^^

  2. Amazing! just followed as loving your style! some really different outfits and you really pull them off.

    check my blog out if you have chance

    CC xx