Monday, March 4, 2013

Awaiting Spring

Bulls Jacket throw back | Jeans Levi | Top TJ Maxx | Shoes Charlotte Russe |

Its a return of the jacket except this time Brooklynn is rocking her's. This jacket is a real throwback that our dad had made for both of us while he was in the Philippines when we were as young as 3 (brook) and 5 (Danielle). As you can imagine we could not even wear them until we were about 9. More then 10 years later we stole them from our parents house to sport now as a cropped track jacket... and clearly we cannot wear them enough

Moto Jacket Aeropostale | Pants H&M | Top Forever21 | Bag Urban Outfitters | Shoes Bakers |

This faux leather jacket was a great find at my job, it was a bit pricey when we first got it in but once it went on sale from $79.50 to $12.99 i had to snag it. It's so soft and is a classic piece I will keep in my closet for a while. We have in the same jacket in bright blue that will be prefect for the spring so I will soon be adding that to my collection as well.

Now enough with these dull colors, spring come on already!


  1. You ladies are so cute! Nice jackets and I totally love the shoes.

  2. love both looks! that bulls jacket is really cool!

  3. wow girls, you are amazing, love your looks :)
    thank you for your visit, I'm following you now and if you would like to follow me back so we can stay in touch please do :)


  4. Im a guy who loves to watch you 2 beautiful sisters. You truly make my day. Please make more ootd videos. Thank you